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This little slashy fic was first written for the Bonded 3 zine (published by DE Press) in 2005. Back then I didn't have a whole lot of experience writing and the POV was all over the place. Jump forward to 2006. Having a bit more knowledge in the writing department under my belt, I took the story apart and put it back together again in proper POV. After it's makeover, it appeared on-line for The Thin Blue Line Productions - Season Two August Short Stories, where it has sat quietly for the past two years. I decided to take it out once again, dust it off and check it over one last time before putting it up on my website and posting to my LJ. So, here it is, all shined up and ready for someone to read *g*. Hope you enjoy it!

Title: Rhythm of the Night
Author: Ankaree
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Rating: NC-17
Category: First time, Romance
Size: 24kb (4,337 words)
Warning: SLASH (is there anything else *heehee!*) and for the mushiness!

Summary: It takes a simple night out and a slow dance in one another's arms for Jim and Blair to realize their true feelings for each other.

Rhythm Of The Night )
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Yes, I admit it, I've been a bad fan. I've been neglecting The Sentinel for a little while now. *hangs head in shame*. And I know there are a few people on my f-list who are into the TS fandom. So, not wanting you all to feel left out, I've made a pic out of one of my favorite pics of Blair and Jim. This pic always makes me think of the Sentinel and his Guide instead of just J/B. Hope you like it!

Clickity-click-click. )
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Title: Insatiable
Vidder: Ankaree
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Song: Insatiable
Artist: Darren Hayes
Note: Jim's POV

I promised this vid to a fellow fan quite a while ago. Finally got around to finishing it, thanks to a little push and encouragement from a friend. I tried something a little different with this vid by adding still slash manips among the video clips. All the manips used were created by myself. I hope you enjoy it!

You can download the vid direct from:

Or you can go to my website and download it from a zip file: Click on the link for Ankaree's Corner, then follow The Sentinel link on my main page.

Please, do not upload my vids anywhere else without my permission.
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For those of you who read TS, I have a timed-out zine story in the newest My Mongoose Ezine.

TITLE: Blind Justice (direct link)
AUTHOR: Ankaree
SUMMARY: In spite of being badly damaged by a previous forced bonding, Blair finds himself drawn to another Sentinel. But how can Jim want or need a Guide who is blind?
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story was originally published in the zine Angel On My Mind 7
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Today's wallpapers were made thanks to the suggestion from [ profile] enkiduts who wanted to have some TS walls of the episode Vow of Silence. I was having fun playing with Jim and Blair *g*, so I made ten icons, too.

Thanks so much, enkiduts, for playing along! Hope you like what I made.

Vow Of Silence wallpapers & icons )
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Okay, I have to give a drool warning with this set of wallpapers *hands out bibs*. [ profile] miwahni came up with the brilliant idea to combine all three fandoms, and I have to say that the boys look damn hot together! So, before clicking on the link, I suggest you cover your keyboard first *bg*.

Many thanks, miwahni, for playing and for the great suggestion!

Clickity-click for pretty boys )

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I've always loved Trisa Lee's songvids, she has a unique style, and it's a shame she no longer makes them for TS. One of my favourite vids is called Heroes Of The Sentinel done to a song called Cartoon Heroes by Aqua. IMO it's one of the best, humorous TS vids that I've seen. It's a great combination of TS bloopers and episodes. I tried finding it on her website, but unfortunately the link to her vid page no longer works or has changed, so I had to go looking for it on the dreaded Youtube *g*.

If you've never seen this vid before, I hope you enjoy it and if you have seen it... well, enjoy it again *bg*.
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Was in the mood to read a good TS story. So I decided on Equilibrium by Lamardeuse. I love this story. Good plot and a strong Blair and Jim. No whimpiness to be found *g*.

Rating: NC-17.
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Warnings: Slash, language, explicit sex (eventually), possible violence.
Summary: Jim and Blair work on a case - and slowly enter a relationship of a different nature. The inevitable post TS-by-BS epic.

I'm sure most of you TS fans have already read Lamardeuse's stories, but if you haven't, I urge you to go forth and read, she is an excellent writer. And she writes great S&H, too.

You can find Lamardeuse's TS and S&H stories on her website.
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Happy Spooky Day everyone *g*. Since I don't have one of my own Halloween stories to post, I thought I'd rec some spooky/scary/ghostly stories that I've enjoyed from each of my three favorite fandoms.

Warning: All these stories are SLASH.

The Sentinel
Title: Touching Evil
Author: LilyK
Summary: Evil lurks in Cascade.

The Professionals
Title: Legacy Of Temptation
Author: Ellis Ward
Summary: An AU, supernatural/horror story. Bodie is a computer technician and Doyle is a successful writer. Strange occurrences are happening in Doyle's house, Bodie helps him discover what is causing them. Spookiness abounds!

Starsky & Hutch
Title: Beneath The Harvest
Author: Candy Apple
Summary: When Simon Marcos commits suicide in prison, Starsky and Hutch are both left with an uneasy feeling that something isn't right. From beyond the grave, a demented madman exerts his evil influence. Meanwhile, the two men face a new development in their relationship. Supernatural scary stuff, gore and dead people.


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