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QAF - Songvid Rec & Brian/Justin Screengrabs

I can across this vid a little while ago and have been meaning to share it with you. It's a beautifully made vid, I think. And the lyrics are a perfect match for Brian/Justin.

You can watch the vid here

Two of my favorite B/J moments are from the first episode, when they share their first kiss and then later when Brian makes love to Justin for the very first time. I put together a bunch of my own favorite screengrabs, you can find them under the link. Feel free to use them, but please be sure to credit me. Enjoy!

(click the images below a few times to get largest size)

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My god woman,I just spat my coke all over the screen when I saw this post lol,its so hot!!!
Vonnie x

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LOL! Oops, sorry, guess I should have put up a warning with this one *hehe* They're awesomely hot together, aren't they? *grins*

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I'd be lying if I'd say I don't like those pics. ;P

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LOL! *grins*

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*too much hotness*

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LOL! *fans you*

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That vid is awesome. Actually when I first typed this I put that awesome is video....OMG, these guys get me so flustered. Those caps -- yeehaw!!

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I'm glad you enjoyed the vid! It's so sweet and perfectly B/J. It always puts me in a happy place when I watch it *g*

Glad you liked the caps as well. Those two are so damn hot together!

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What season is this from? I might just have to go out and buy some Queer As Folk seasons!

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This is from season 1, episode 1. A definite must see for any newbie QAF fans!!! But there are also many other awesomely hot B/J scenes where they steam up the screen *grins*

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Just ordered the first season ..... we'll see how it goes

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oh cool! I really hope you enjoy it!!

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Well, with those pictures ..... I think I can overlook any plot just to drool

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LOL! Have no fear, QAF is an excellent series and all the seasons are great... well, expcept for maybe the final one (season 5) where it sort of takes a left into 'WTF' land, but overall it's an awesome show.

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well, the blurb on the back of the second season box set says graphic sexual scenes .... so I'm all ready!!

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That's a really sweet vid, C. Very nice. I don't think I need to say just how hot these pictures are! Man, my keyboard is smokin'. *bg*

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The song isn't the typical style of music I like, but there is just something about this vid and the lyrics that draws me in. I love it *grins*

Their hotness can set you on fire, you gotta be careful *douses keyboard with water* *grins*

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I love my boys :)

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*grins* Me too! *sighs happily*

love the pics

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I just want to say i love pics brian and justin please keep up the good work i mean that thank you so very much

Re: love the pics

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Sorry I didn't reply to this sooner. Somehow I missed it!

I'm so pleased you enjoyed the pics! And thanks so much for commenting, I appreciate it.