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Today's wallpapers were made thanks to the suggestion from [ profile] enkiduts who wanted to have some TS walls of the episode Vow of Silence. I was having fun playing with Jim and Blair *g*, so I made ten icons, too.

Thanks so much, enkiduts, for playing along! Hope you like what I made.

Vow Of Silence wallpapers & icons )
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Okay, I have to give a drool warning with this set of wallpapers *hands out bibs*. [ profile] miwahni came up with the brilliant idea to combine all three fandoms, and I have to say that the boys look damn hot together! So, before clicking on the link, I suggest you cover your keyboard first *bg*.

Many thanks, miwahni, for playing and for the great suggestion!

Clickity-click for pretty boys )

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Well, it's Wednesday again and time for a new wallpaper. [ profile] shaw012145 requested a Pros wallpaper featuring Doyle from the episode A Hiding To Nothing. This was such a great choice. I think Ray is especially gorgeous in this ep, and I couldn't control myself, I just had to make two wallpapers of him and a few icons *g*. Hope you all enjoy them.

Many thanks, shaw, for playing along!

Doyle Wallpaper #1 )

Doyle Wallpaper #2 )

Doyle Icons )
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I came up with the idea to make each Wednesday wallpaper day.

If there's an interest in this, I thought it might be fun get my flist to participate. Each Thursday, I'll post asking for a fandom to be chosen. The first person to reply can choose between TS, Pros, or S&H, and they can decide what will go into the wallpaper. It can be episode related, both main characters, one character, etc... You let me know what you like and I'll do my best to make it. Then I'll post it here on the following Wednesday. Just a little note: to keep things simple, the wallpapers will be made only using screen grabs from the episodes.

To start off, I decided to go with Starsky & Hutch, since I haven't played with the boys in a while *g*.

S&H Wallpaper )

I also made three icons from the wallpaper:

S&H Icons )
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A friend of mine loves Martin in this movie and I have to agree the man is adorable in it. We both love his scruffy beard and longish hair. The accent is wonderful, sends pleasant little shivers up my spine every time I hear it *g*. And he's darn sexy playing the fiddle for his bear. My friend asked if I'd make her a wallpaper and I thought I'd share it with you.


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