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For some reason I've been overly tired this week. I think it's the cold winter blues setting in. It's been quite chilly all week. This evening it's -21C (-6F) with the windchill and is going down to -26C (-14F) overnight. Will definitely be wearing my woolly socks to bed tonight and snuggling up to the hubby for body heat *g*. Still got another four months to go before spring... oh, joy :)

Because of being tired, I didn't get a chance to make a wallpaper for Wednesday, but I thought I'd share with you some recently made S&H wallpapers. I did these for the Secret Santa Challenge over on the LoveOfMeAndThee yahoo group. Enjoy!

Starsky & Hutch Wallpapers )
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Okay, I have to give a drool warning with this set of wallpapers *hands out bibs*. [ profile] miwahni came up with the brilliant idea to combine all three fandoms, and I have to say that the boys look damn hot together! So, before clicking on the link, I suggest you cover your keyboard first *bg*.

Many thanks, miwahni, for playing and for the great suggestion!

Clickity-click for pretty boys )

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I came up with the idea to make each Wednesday wallpaper day.

If there's an interest in this, I thought it might be fun get my flist to participate. Each Thursday, I'll post asking for a fandom to be chosen. The first person to reply can choose between TS, Pros, or S&H, and they can decide what will go into the wallpaper. It can be episode related, both main characters, one character, etc... You let me know what you like and I'll do my best to make it. Then I'll post it here on the following Wednesday. Just a little note: to keep things simple, the wallpapers will be made only using screen grabs from the episodes.

To start off, I decided to go with Starsky & Hutch, since I haven't played with the boys in a while *g*.

S&H Wallpaper )

I also made three icons from the wallpaper:

S&H Icons )
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Happy Spooky Day everyone *g*. Since I don't have one of my own Halloween stories to post, I thought I'd rec some spooky/scary/ghostly stories that I've enjoyed from each of my three favorite fandoms.

Warning: All these stories are SLASH.

The Sentinel
Title: Touching Evil
Author: LilyK
Summary: Evil lurks in Cascade.

The Professionals
Title: Legacy Of Temptation
Author: Ellis Ward
Summary: An AU, supernatural/horror story. Bodie is a computer technician and Doyle is a successful writer. Strange occurrences are happening in Doyle's house, Bodie helps him discover what is causing them. Spookiness abounds!

Starsky & Hutch
Title: Beneath The Harvest
Author: Candy Apple
Summary: When Simon Marcos commits suicide in prison, Starsky and Hutch are both left with an uneasy feeling that something isn't right. From beyond the grave, a demented madman exerts his evil influence. Meanwhile, the two men face a new development in their relationship. Supernatural scary stuff, gore and dead people.


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