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Since I played with Gale yesterday, I figure it's only fair to play with Randy today *grins*. Again, using a few of my favorite pics here. That one of Randy in the striped shirt is gorgeous! Good God, that sultry gaze! Did someone just turn the heat up? *fans self*

Enjoy! :D

♥ Chris

Wallpaper size: 1280 x 1024

Note 1: As always, please take if you like.
Note 2: Comments and feedback always appreciated.

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Made two Randy wallpapers today using a few of the pics that I posted the other day. Hope you like!

Please take if you like them and if used anywhere on the 'net, please credit. Thanks!

Wallpaper size is: 1024 x 768


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Gale has been getting a lot of attention from me lately... not that there's anything wrong with that *g*, but I figured it's time to give some lovin' to Randy. From my assortment of pics that I've been slowly saving, I've picked out some of my favorites and thought I'd share them with you. Most of you have probably already seen them, but to me, they're still quite new *squees at the Randy prettiness*! So, for all you Randy fans on my f-list, these are for you! And for those who are not "into" Randy, but like to admire a beautiful man, I hope you'll take a look and like what you see! *bg* Enjoy!!!



NOTE #1: Some of the pics I've posted are from Lazy Shades. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making these pics available on-line!

NOTE #2: In pic #3, I made a slight adjustment. In the original pic there's an orange plastic water gun stuck in the waistband of Randy's jeans. I found it took away from the sexiness of the pic, so I edited it out. Now we get a much clearer view of that small, teasing strip of pretty tummy peaking out at us from beneath his t-shirt :D

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I tried something a little different with this wallpaper by using a different filter and putting in a background pic. Now I can't decide if I like how it turned out. But I've worked on it for two days and figured it was time to put the graphics pen down and step away from the computer *g*.

A ton of thanks goes to [ profile] malli_ for letting me use her wonderful Randy pics!

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