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I've taken the manip that I made for last year's Discovered Whilst A-Caroling (points to icon) and turned it into a Christmas wallpaper. I'm issuing a bib alert, so you've been duly
warned *g*

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I love Doyle in the Fugitive episode. I mean, what is not to like? :D The man is incredibly HOT in this ep. We get the curly, scruffy hair, open shirt revealing the wonderful bare chest, along with the neck chain and sunglasses and let's not forget the tight pants *drools*. So, in honor of Doyle's sexy hotness, I decided to make two wallpapers of him. Hope you enjoy them!

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A little while ago, I made this manip for [ profile] sc_fossil. Then the other day I decided to turn it into a wallpaper and thought I'd share it with all of you. I purposely gave it a grainy appearance, so I hope you like it!

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Two of my favorite Pros eps are The Purging of CI5 and Man Without A Past. So, for this week's wallpapers, I decided to make a Doyle from Purging and a Bodie from MWAP. Enjoy the pretties *G*!

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Today's walls and icons are brought to you by the episode Takeaway. I love Bodie and Doyle in this one. I've got a major thing for scruffy Bodie dressed in black, and for Doyle in that yellow rain jacket and blue shirt *g*.

Takeaway Wallpaper & Icons Storyboard )
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Today's wallpapers were made thanks to the suggestions from [ profile] earthdogue. The two eps used are First Night and The Purging of CI5. Sorry, earthdogue, I tried to get some good grabs of the boys in their holsters from FT, but I couldn't snag a good quality, usable pic. But I did get some good grabs of Doyle with his gorgeous scruffy hair *g*. God, I love him in Purging! He's so darn sexy, I had to be very carful not to get drool on the keyboard while making these *g*.

Many thanks, earthdogue, for playing!

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