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I haven't played in Pros for a while, so I figured it's about time I did *g*. I made some icons for the Global Pros Watch.

Blood Sports isn't a favorite ep of mine, but there are two scenes that I do love. The first, when Bodie is attempting to change his clothes in the back of the Capri while Ray is driving. It always makes me laugh the way Ray swings the car back and forth, flinging Bodie all over the back seat. And the second is in the restaurant bar, where Ray is sitting, sipping a drink and Bodie joins him. I just love the interaction between the pair of them, and that they leave the restaurant together to get some takeaway and watch the game on the box. It's nice to have confirmation that they enjoy spending time together away from their job *g*.

Hope you enjoy the icons!

Please, take what you like and credit if used.


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Here are some icons I made for Fugitive. This is such a great episode and is one of my favorites. The lads look gorgeous, there's good angst, love the lads worrying about each other, but doing their best not to show it, Bodie in tight pants, wiggling over the wall is a wonderous site to see *g* and of course there's my great kink... Ray in sunglasses!!! And let us not forget the unbuttoned shirt, chest hair and neckchain!! Squeeee!!! And is it just me or does anyone else find Ray freakin' sexy shooting his gun in the train yard scene? I don't know how Christina kept running away from Agent HOT and SEXY!! I'd be wanting to be taken to the nearest interrogation room and be thoroughly interrogated by one Raymond Doyle! *wiggles eyebrows* Heehee!!

Hope you enjoy the icons!

As usual, please take what you like and credit if used.


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Here are some icons for Servant of Two Masters. Not a favorite ep of mine. For me, there's too much Cowley and not enough lads *g*. I do tend to hit the fast-forward button quite often with this one. There are, however, a few scenes that I do love: B/D together at the pub, the two of them jogging in the park, the bantering back and forth before the rope swing, giggling together on the mattress, Ray sneaking up on Bodie outside the house. Those are some wonderful lad moments, but like I said, still not a fav of mine, but not horrible either. I guess it lands somewhere in the middle *g*. Enjoy!

Please take what you like and credit if used.


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Coming up the rear again... Okay, stop with the snickering and get your minds out of the gutter! Not that kind of coming or that type of rear! I'm late once again with the Pros Watch! :D

Made a bunch of icons. Hope you like!

Feedback is always welcome. Take what you like and please credit if used... thank you! :D

If anyone would like an icon personalized, or if there is a certain pic that you like and would like to have made into an icon, please let me know and I'd be happy to do it for you.


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Made a bunch of icons for the Madness of Mickey Hamilton episode. Took me a little longer than I expected to finish them, so I'm a little late jumping in to play :D The icons are in order of events as they happened in the ep. Hope you like them!

Please take what you like and credit if used.

Feedback is always welcome!


05. 15. 21.

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I love this episode. It's one of my favorites. Good story line, the intimate loft scene *squeeee!*, great partner support, and let's not forget how gorgeous the lads look *g*!

Hope you enjoy the icons!


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Made some icons from Weekend In The Country. This is not one of my favorite episodes plot-wise, but Ray looks so good in it that I had to do some icons *bg*. Please take what you like. Enjoy!


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Today's walls and icons are brought to you by the episode Takeaway. I love Bodie and Doyle in this one. I've got a major thing for scruffy Bodie dressed in black, and for Doyle in that yellow rain jacket and blue shirt *g*.

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Okay, I have to give a drool warning with this set of wallpapers *hands out bibs*. [ profile] miwahni came up with the brilliant idea to combine all three fandoms, and I have to say that the boys look damn hot together! So, before clicking on the link, I suggest you cover your keyboard first *bg*.

Many thanks, miwahni, for playing and for the great suggestion!

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Today's wallpapers were made thanks to the suggestions from [ profile] earthdogue. The two eps used are First Night and The Purging of CI5. Sorry, earthdogue, I tried to get some good grabs of the boys in their holsters from FT, but I couldn't snag a good quality, usable pic. But I did get some good grabs of Doyle with his gorgeous scruffy hair *g*. God, I love him in Purging! He's so darn sexy, I had to be very carful not to get drool on the keyboard while making these *g*.

Many thanks, earthdogue, for playing!

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