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I've uploaded all 162 POT grabs of Gale to my Photobucket folder and to a Megaupload file.

I probably should have done this to begin with as to make it easier for everyone to get my POT grabs all at once *smacks forehead*. Oh, well, sometimes my brain just doesn't want to work with me, the darn thing! *g*

Here are the links:



If any one has any problems downloading the grabs, please let me know and I'll see about getting them to you another way.


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Here are the next group of grabs of Gale from his movie Particles Of Truth. I had wanted to post these sooner, but as most of know I had to put my dog to sleep. Last week was a pretty rough week, losing Kimo affected me more than I expected and I really wasn't in the mood to be on the computer. This week is better, though. I still miss Kimo very much, but I don't feel as sad and depressed as I did that first week. And I'm getting back the urge to play with Gale once again! Yay! :D

Like with the first group of grabs, if you want to use any them for your icons/wallpapers/banners, please feel free to snatch what you like, I only ask that you credit me, and to share anything you do with the rest of us *bg*!

I hope you enjoy these grabs of our beautiful Gale! Oh, and be sure to keep the drool mop close by!! :D


The first group of grabs (#1 - #33) can be found here.

click here for grabs #33 to #65... )
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I watched Particles Of Truth for the very first time the other day. Now, don't shoot me, but I wasn't overly thrilled with the movie as a whole. It wasn't awful, I've seen awful movies, and POT was definitely not that. I guess I just got bored with some parts... BUT, not the Gale parts. Gale was brilliant!!! He did such an amazing, believable job as Morrison Wiley and my eyes were glued to the televison every second he was on screen. And he looked absolutely gorgeous with that scruffy beard and boyish hair cut... GUH!!! Break out the drool bucket!!! *g*

He's so beautiful in this movie that I just couldn't help myself, I had to make screen grabs and I thought I'd share them with you. There's a total of 165 grabs, I've loaded 32 in this post and will be posting the rest over the next few days. I have something personal to deal with tomorrow, so depending on my mood on Sunday, the next bunch might not be up until Monday.

For those of you who are makers of icons, wallpapers, banners, etc... if want to use any of the grabs for your work, please feel free to snatch what you like, I only ask that you credit me, and to share anything you do with the rest of us *bg*!

I hope you enjoy them!


click here for grabs #1 to #32... )


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