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[ profile] sexy_pumpkin asked us to post two of our most favorite Gale/Brian pics.

It was pretty darn hard for me to decide on only two favorites. There are just so many gorgeous pics of Gale *g* that I could have easily put up a hundred of them, LOL! But, I did try to control myself, which wasn't easy *g*, and am posting five pics, two of Brian and three of Gale.

Enjoy, J!!! Hope you like my choices *huggles you*

Beautiful man warning!!... )
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This definitely needs a drool warning!!! So get those buckets, mops and bibs ready!!

Found this DH pic of Gale on Lazyshades site and it is now one of my most favorite Gale pics. OMG!! Could the man get any more gorgeous! *sighs happily* Those eyes, that smile, those hands... squeeeee!!!

For a much larger pic, please click here... )
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Just 'cus I'm in a Gale mood :D *stares and drools at the hotness!*

Hmmm... looking at these pics gives me the urge to make some Gale icons out of them *g*. Will share when I'm done. Enjoy!

The eye candy is this way... )
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God, can this man get any more gorgeous?! This is one of my favorite Gale pics. I love everything about it. The hair, those amazing eyes, beautiful lips and the light dusting of scruffy beard!! *drools then melts* :D

The prettiness is this way! )
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Found these three pics of Gale for the opening of the theater production of Suddenly Last Summer (2006). I've never seen these before, so I'm assuming the blondish coloured hair was for the play, and not something he did on purpose... 'cuz me no like *bg*. But, blond hair aside, he's still abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous! YUMMMMY!!! LOL!

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