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Made a few Gale Banners. I tried for some different effects using black/white and colour combined. These are up for grabs, so if any of you would like to use them, please feel free to snag them, just be sure to credit me: [ profile] ankaree

Banner size: 850 x 350

Note 1: As always, please take if you like.
Note 2: Comments and feedback always appreciated.

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It's been a while since I've played in my fandoms and I've missed it. Had some RL stuff going on the past little while, but now that things seem to be settling down again, my creative side has been screaming at me to get back to work again *g*. So, today I had the urge to play with Gale and made this wallpaper. Hope you all like it. *hugs*

Wallpaper size: 1280 x 1024

Note 1: As always, please take if you like.
Note 2: Comments and feedback always appreciated.

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I was asked by [ profile] my2cats if I would make a wallpaper using a few of Gale's newest piccies. God, it's great to see him looking so wonderfully healthy... and just as gorgeous as always! *grins*

Enjoy! ♥ Chris

Wallpaper size: 1280 x 1024

Note 1: As always, please take if you like.
Note 2: Comments and feedback always appreciated.

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My wonderful hubby gave me a wide-screen monitor for Christmas *hugs the hubby*. So, today I made my first wide-screen size wallpaper of our beautiful Gale. It's wonderful to have so much more space to work with on the wallpapers. I hope you like what I've made.

*hugs, Chris

Wallpaper size 1: 1440 x 900
Wallpaper size 2: 1280 x 800

Note 1: As always, please take if you like.
Note 2: Comments and feedback always appreciated.

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Was in a Gale mood today, so I made a wallpaper using a few of my favorite pics. I have always loooved that one of him in the leather jacket... very GQ with a side of hot 'n sexy *fans self*. Enjoy!

Wallpaper size: 1280 x 1024

Note 1: As always, please take if you like.
Note 2: Comments and feedback always appreciated.

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I'm dedicating this wallpaper to [ profile] sexy_pumpkin. For her love of our beautiful Gale and her never ending support of the QAF fandom!

Hugs, Chris ♥

Wallpaper size: 1280 x 1024

Note 1: As always, please take if you like.
Note 2: Comments and feedback always appreciated.

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I love the new pics of Gale! He looks wonderful and healthy and absolutely adorable with his new hairdo. And, for some reason, his eyes look more amazing than ever before. My God, what a gorgeous man! *fans self*

There was no way that I could not play with these pic *g*, so I made a wallpaper and a bunch of icons. Hope you like them!

Chris ♥

Please take what you like and credit if used. Thank you!

Pic credit: Many thanks to [ profile] dani_blondy for the great high quality pics!!

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I know that by now this info has been plastered all over the QAF/Gale LJs. There are, however, a few people on my flist who are not in the QAf fandom, but whom I know are interested in news of Gale. So I thought I'd post all the fun Gale stuff here for those people to see. Yay!! Our Gale is back!!

First, here's an interview with TV Guide:

After a near-fatal motorcycle accident sidelined Gale Harold last October, the actor finally returns to Desperate Housewives as Susan’s long-absent painter boy lover, Jackson, on May 3. “It’s taken him such a long time to get back to being almost normal,” says co-star Neal McDonough, who worked with Gale on his first day back on set. “And there are still many problems that he goes through.” Gale—whom Neal says “looks like a million”—has only one real complaint: he hasn’t been able to get back on the same Ducati motorcycle he had completely restored since the devastating crash. The actor talks to William Keck about his road to recovery and Wisteria Lane:

What happened the night of your accident?
GALE: It’s just something that happens when you take the risk of getting on a machine like that. As fantastic and exciting as it can be, after you’ve been safe for a number of years, you tend to become a little overly confidant. You can’t predict all the surprises out there.

Any scars?
GALE: Yeah, there was some repair work that was done to the front end of my bike that really makes me cry inside.

I was talking about scars on your body.
GALE: Obviously I was hurt. But you get better.

Who did you hear from after the accident?
GALE: I was supposed to be at work the next day, so Teri was checking in with my managers and my agents every other day. We had a really good thing going with these characters. It’s not every day you start a new job and immediately hit it off with the person you’re working with.

Did you watch the show after your accident?
GALE: I didn’t because I was a little worried about seeing something about my death delivered by letter—Jackson drowned in his cereal yesterday morning.

But didn’t they tell you that Jackson would eventually be coming back?
GALE: Yeah, I just didn’t want to get surprised by something they might not have been comfortable telling me. I was fortunate that they wanted me back. I wanted the executive producer to meet my doctors so he’d know I’d be a real person again. And when I came back, I wanted it to be in the same frame of mind as Jackson—not exactly sure how open the door is to Susan.

We heard your voice a few months ago in a phone call to Susan. What was your physical condition then?
GALE: I was probably almost there. It’s hard to say. With these kinds of injuries you recover at various rates. I had a very rapid recovery. I really feel back.

Why is Jackson returning to Wisteria Lane?
GALE: He’s back to try to rekindle their connection—whatever is left of it. He has a very important question for Susan.

What has Jackson been doing all this time?
GALE:He was pursuing his dream of working in a school as an art teacher. He’s been away, but realizes he needs Susan and needs to talk to her about things.

Word is when Jackson returns he will have to contend with Dave, who has his own intentions for Susan. Should we be worried about Jackson’s future?
GALE: Anytime you’ve got somebody like Dave Williams walking up and down the street, you’ve got to be worried about everybody. There are a number of bad scenarios that could take place. I have a scene with Dave and Orson where I’m thanking Dave for saving my butt from burning to death in the fire. But then Jackson realizes, “Wait a minute. You didn’t really save my ass, did you?” So it’s sets up the question of whether Jackson will realize that Dave actually locked him in the bathroom. It still remains to be seen whether Jackson will be around for the season finale.

Neal McDonough used to ride a motorcycle, but sold his Harley the day his wife learned she was pregnant, and hasn’t been back on since. Will you ride again?
GALE:I’m going to be back on board. I’m dying to ride again and am feeling very impatient. I’m giving myself a certain amount of time to know I feel good and safe.

Gale on the set of DH

And second, go behind the cut for pics and videos of Gale's interviews with the Assosiated Press, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood... )

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I don't know if this has made the rounds of QAF fandom yet, but I noticed this interview with Terri Hatcher was posted in This was the second to last question addressed to her regarding Gale. I'm so glad that it seems Gale is healthy and ready to work again!! God, how amazing it that?! And I like the 'They're probably trying to figure out how to bring him back'. Sounds very positive! Yay! I'm keeping all my body parts crossed!!

Q: Have you heard anything from Gale Harold who was in a hot relationship with your character on Desperate Housewives before his motorcycle accident?

A: As far as I know, he's totally healthy. We've exchanged a few e-mails in which he seemed ready to go. I keep expecting him to be back. I think maybe what's going on is that the storyline sort of got derailed and they're probably trying to figure out how to bring him back.

To read the full interview you can go here:

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Here is Desperate Housewives interview that Gale did for a German network, which was filmed before his motorbike accident.

I don't have any detailed news regarding Gale's current health, however, I have recently read that he's been seen around town with friends and although he's looking more thin than usual, he does appear to be doing well. So, yay for that!!

Also, there hasn't been any news, yet, about his return to DH, let's all keep our fingers crossed! If I hear of anything, I'll be sure to let you know.

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I made these for the [ profile] qafchristmas weekend. I know most of you have probably already seen these, but I thought I'd post them on my LJ anyway. So, for those of you who are seeing them for the first time, enjoy! And those who have seen them already... well, I hope you enjoy them again *grins*.

*hugs* Chris


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This was posted on Scott Lowell's (ted) website:

Finally, to the (what seems like) hundreds of you who have
written in with questions or messages of support for Gale please
know that he continues to thrive and heal. The rapidity and amazing degree of
his recovery has been truly miraculous and I have no doubt that your good wishes
and energy sent his way have aided in this. So thank YOU ALL. I wish you the very
best of Holiday cheer.


Wonderful news!! Yay!!


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I've only just sat down at my computer to check my emails and received the most wonderful news about Gale!!

Terrific news on Gale from his manager. Gale’s progress is excellent. He would like to start driving again, although that is still a ways off, and is now taking lunches and beginning to run lines with friends. We are planning to do his voice over dialogue for 511 in early December. This is all very exciting and very positive. If the healing continues to progress as well over the next month he should be back with us in January.

He's going to be okay!!! I am grinning from ear to ear!! After worrying about him for the past five weeks, it is such a relief to know that he's made such amazing progress. I am so thrilled for him!! *does Snoopy dance* And I'm happy that TPTB aren't writing him out of DH. I adore Jackson and think that Gale is doing a terrific job with the character. So, now we all have something to look forward to after the Christmas Holidays... like seeing that beautiful face again and hearing that amazing voice *g*!

I will still keep Gale in my thoughts and will pray that he continues on the healing path to becoming healthy and strong.

*hugs to you all*
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It's been one month since Gale's awful accident. The DH comm and Gale fans are coming together today to show support and to wish Gale all the best in his recovery.

We miss you, Gale, and we hope you're back very soon!!

Hello, my friend; You’re on my mind,
Because you're somehow ailing,
But your response to any challenge
Has always been unfailing.

So I’m confident you’ll win again;
Hang in there, and you’ll see;
You’ll be back on top in no time,
Tackling life courageously.

By Joanna Fuchs

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The other day, [ profile] sexy_pumpkin asked me to make a wallpaper for her. She sent me a few of her favorite Gale/Brian pics and I put them all together and created this for her. As I was gazing at the pic of Gale wearing the white shirt (from DH) and admiring his beauty *g*, the words "beautiful spirit, beautiful heart" entered my mind. I thought they were very fitting for this beautiful man, so I decided to add them to the wallpaper. I hope you all like it! ~ *hugs* Chris ~


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Here's the latest about Gale and his recovery:

Gale is continuing to progress but the anticipated time of healing may take a bit longer than initially hoped for. He will be released from the hospital on Friday and will have friends and family staying with him for at least a month to aid in his rehabilitation. His medical team, friends and family will work on the cognitive therapy to help rebuild his memory. He’s walking well, and healing nicely and anxious to return to his home. His shoulder will take 6-8 weeks to return to full function. His parents will remain through this week.

Hmmm... good news, yes, but not exactly the greatest. I'm not sure if I should feel happy or sad for Gale. I'm really glad that he's making progress, is healing well physically and that he's going home where he'll be surrounded by family and friends. I'm sure he'll be happy to get out of the hospital after all this time. A lot of people end up doing much better once they are away from the stress of being there and back in the comfort of their own home, I hope the same is true for Gale. My heart does goes out to him that his mental healing is taking longer than was anticipated. I can imagine that trying to rebuild his memory must be frustrating for him. I know head injuries can take quite a while to heal, so I continue to do my best to be optimistic about his recovery. I'm incredibly grateful that he's alive and every day he's another step closer to being fully healed ... but it doesn't mean I'll stop worrying about him!

Please keep sending Gale your good thoughts and healing vibes! And if you're someone who prays, please say a special prayer for him.

*hugs to you all*
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For those of you on my flist who want to know about Gale, here's the latest update about his recovery:

The good news continues. Gale has been moved into a rehabilitation room. It is hoped that he will be released on Friday. He does have a ruptured ear drum so his hearing is adding to the difficulty at the moment. The NeuroPsychologist believes that there will be a full recovery of all functions. He still tires quickly.

Isn't that wonderful news?!! *bounces* And I don't think the ruptured ear drum should be too much of a concern, that's something that usually heals within a few weeks. How awesome is it that he could be released on Friday?! I bet he'll be glad to go home. I'm so happy for him!! *bounces again!*
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Made a wallpaper using my favorite Gale pic from DH. If anyone would like it in a larger or smaller size, please let me know and I'd be happy to do it for you.

Feedback always welcome! Please credit if used for anything other than your own persoanl desktop wallpaper. Thanks!


Photo credit: Lazyshades

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I'm sure, by now, most of you who are on the QAF LJs and comms already heard the great news about our Gale and his recovery. But I thought I'd also post the information here as there are a few people on my flist, who are not invoved in the QAF fandom, but who would like to know how Gale is doing. Here is the latest information released by a DH source:

All very good news today. Gale has moved into a room. He is in a great mood, conversational, laughing and playing jokes on his doctors and nurses. His memory is returning and his friend has described the past 2 days as “leaps”. Still sore in the ribs and shoulder.

Now this is the kind of news that I have so deperately been needing to hear! I am thrilled and greatly relieved to know that Gale is doing much better and is on his way to a full recovery! YAY!!! :D
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[ profile] sexy_pumpkin asked us to post two of our most favorite Gale/Brian pics.

It was pretty darn hard for me to decide on only two favorites. There are just so many gorgeous pics of Gale *g* that I could have easily put up a hundred of them, LOL! But, I did try to control myself, which wasn't easy *g*, and am posting five pics, two of Brian and three of Gale.

Enjoy, J!!! Hope you like my choices *huggles you*

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